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Top 5 3D Game Engines for Indie Game Developers

A Game Engine is an infrastructure a video game's soul rests with, include the amazing animation, breathtaking visuals, FPS effects and keep on counting. In fact,...

Top 3 Laptops to Go With Windows 10

The future technology is onto us, and Windows 10 came just in time to announce it. Fully fledged with awesome features like Edge Browser,...

EaseUS Todo Backup Solution

With EaseUS Todo Backup Free it makes for a very easy step-by-step guide and in just a few clicks, it will get the job done for you.

EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master, it is absolutely free and very user friendly, anyone can use it and now compatible with newer solid state drives.

Will Windows 9 be Able to Overcome the Flaws of Windows...

In an attempt to combine the Desktop and Mobile together, we believe Microsoft might have gone a bit too far! Will Windows 9 Help?

3D Printing- A Breakthrough Technology

3D printing technology is making its way in our everyday lives, and it’s doing it fast.

Tablet PC: Do you really need one? Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of a tablet. Do you really need one? Lets highlight the important points to consider.

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One- Which is Right for You?

It isn’t a coincidence that the release date for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are so close together. Both companies want a...

The best i7 Desktop Computers

With the emergence of sleek, slim laptops, many people quit using desktop PCs. However, don’t stop using your desktop PC just yet, the new...

Top 3 3D Printers for Home Use

A new and advanced level in the domain of printing has come to our use with the arrival of 3d printing technology.  A 3d...