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Building an Enterprise is Not That Tough!

Starting up in the world where the type of IT infrastructure you choose will determine the success of your business can be the reason that will make or break your business idea.

Tips On Choosing A Good Web Hosting Service

If you are setting up a new website, here is a list of things that you need to be mindful of when choosing a web host.

Developing Effective Solutions Using SharePoint Development 2013

With the release of Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 version, it is important to determine the kind of environment that your business will be using SharePoint in.

The Lesson We Could Not Learn From Wheel

We used to walk on feet and then we began to ride, but things weren’t rolling quite fast enough. Wheels arrived as an answer...

10 Must Haves for Enacting a Cloud App Policy

A checklist of prerequisites, tips and advice from cloud policy survivors!

How To Make The Blog on Your Business Website Successful

If you are like most business owners, then getting to the top of your chosen industry is important. Having success as a small business...

Samsung Could Split As the Aftermaths of Note 7 Catastrophe

A major Samsung shareholder has spoken out strongly against the Note 7 incident, suggesting the company to be split into distinct formal and actionable...

Engaging in a Platform Transformation for the Future in the Food...

When it comes to seeking for efficient solutions within the food and the beverage services industry, several distributors need to look at moving beyond business challenges.

Microsoft Outlook Premium is Now Available with Custom Domains

Microsoft Outlook Premium finally becomes reality after the tech giant experimented with it all through 2016. Currently available for the US customers only, the...

IT and Security Pros Foggy on Cloud Apps

Are you an IT professional? Cloud apps affecting your network? Don't let it! Check out the infographic.