Facebook Marketplace app
Facebook Marketplace app

Facebook Marketplace will be launched this week in US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It will be another milestone for the largest social media company to make the most of the available e-commerce opportunities.

About 450 million users are reported to already using the platform for buying and selling stuff every month. Until now, this e-commerce feature was limited to groups, but with Facebook Marketplace, users will be able to make transactions and exchanges in a more formal manner.

As Facebook Marketplace will be implemented, it will replace the Messenger icon from the smartphone app. The company will suggest you things to purchased based on the extensive data it has been acquiring from your account.


Using Facebook Market place will be easy. To make a purchase, you simply send a message to the sell along with a place. Likewise, if you are the seller, just upload a snapshot of the item along with details like name, description, and price, and your location. However, your items will not be limited to your city only.

Users will be able to browse your item on Facebook Marketplace by expanding their radius of search through filters. The desktop version is also in the making and the company says there will be rules and regulations to prevent the sales of drugs, weapons, and other illegal products being sold this way.


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