What' coming on October 4?
What' coming on October 4?

Google is ready and set to launch the next generation Pixel phones and tabs on October 4, this time with more aggressive marketing tactics. It seems that the search giant has shifted its focus towards hardware and #MadeByGoogle technologies finally might come handy.

October 4 launch is being teased with round-cornered rectangles that sufficiently clue a mysterious smartphone, thought to be the next Pixel C. Reportedly, the new Google phones could boast features like Daydream VR, Tango technology, Android Nougat 7.1, and more could be on the table.

The latest iPhone killer is expected to feature Google Assistant, a feature currently available only on Allo. Rumors say that the launcher icons on the upcoming phone will be rather rounded than square, same is observed about the teased handset model.

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The hottest fuss is also about Google’s new advertising maneuver comprised of squares! Squares near Brooklyn Bridge and on the buildings show October 4thh outlines along with a rectangle and company’s iconic “G” symbol. Until now this was Apple’s habit, so with big G getting cozy with it means mysterious phones are a direct contender to iPhone.

By the way, the #MadeByGoogle means the company making its own hardware, so no more borrowing from Huawei. Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to Google Now and Nexus phones or at least that’s what headlines suggest, but “all will be revealed” on October 4, 2016.


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