Jaguar and Land Rover are Planning to Create Hybrid Electric Vehicles by 2020

Jaguar and Land Rover, one of the most famous carmakers in the world, are keeping pace with change. They promised to stop creating vehicles which work solely on internal combustion engines, just a little later than Volvo pledged to do the same. Jaguar and Land Rover stated that after the year 2020, all of their car models will become either electric or hybrid.

The most developed countries in the world take care of the environment. Scotland promised to exclude petrol and diesel powered vehicles before 2032. UK and France stated that they plan to ban the sales of new cars which work on the internal combustion engine. Jaguar and Land Rover said that every model line will be electrified from 2020, and the customers will still have a great choice of cars.

Other innovations are automatic cars, but this new tendency might harm the economy. Driverless cars will affect the vehicle industry and destroy the demand for drivers, leaving many people unemployed. The authorities state that there are more than 250.000 lorry drivers. Most of them might lose their jobs if the driverless cars will be used. Moreover, the negative impact may be made for the oil-exporting countries. The electrification of vehicles will decrease oil demand and damage the economy of certain countries.

Concerning the production of electric cars by Jaguar and Land Rover, some experts in the industry state that – “Tesla has stolen their chunk of lunch, and BMW is way ahead, they only catching up”. The shift into electrified vehicles is quite costly; the companies are still dependent on diesel and conventional petrol.

JLC is planning to build a plant where the electric cars will be produced. The plant will be similar to the one already existing in the UK, which was built by Nissan. One more issue arises when it comes to electric cars. The car companies are much depended on the governmental policies and placing enough emphasis on the infrastructure. Hoverer, the tendencies are positive, and the government keeps issuing legal acts concerning the environment. They are willing to continue combating excessive carbon emissions in the nearest future.

Electric cars make 1% of the sold cars worldwide. Most of such are sold in China, US and EU, although, there are countries which have 1/3 of their cars electrified, like Norway. There is a tendency for a rise in the sales. There are 50% more electric cars sold in the UK in 2017 than in the previous year.

Electrified cars have a promising future; the cost of their creation is decreasing each year, their popularity is growing fast, more and more people are willing to buy electrified cars, rather those working on internal combustion engines.


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