Whether you are keen making your monthly budget, reading a book, revising for exams, studying for next lessons or just doing your job, you will need to concentration. Concentration is the process of focusing on one thing at a time. Our brains are just like a computer; they receive data, process them and compute them before outputting information. Have you ever experienced the lag on your pc or mobile because you have too many apps open? If so welcome to my brain!! We have all heard of meals and techniques that help increase your focus, those are great. But have you ever used technology to increase your concentration. Check out the latest technologies and most sought-after devices that can be used to improve your concentration.

The Focus Headset

There are some headsets out here that can be used to tap into someone’s mind.  Some can help you gain control over gadgets and gamers can increase focus when playing video games. However, none of them works better than the Foc.us headset. This is a brain stimulation product from Thync Company.  The portable headset offers settings start relaxation, energy, and focus. The headset serves up a transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), a well-known neurostimulation technique which conveys current to a specific part of the brain.  Previously, this was used to help people with brain injuries, tDCS is now used to increase cognitive performance on adults who are healthy.

Foc.us is one of the few tDCS headsets that are designed for the consumer sector, that boast improvement in a person’s working and short-term memory. This can be successful through the placement of the electrodes in the prefrontal cortex. A current with low density is passed at the different nodes to excite a part of the brain. All one has to do is to put it up on the head, open it up and wait for five to ten minutes then take it off and continue with your day. Simple but expensive, thankfully they have an affordable beginner’s device to get your feet wet. 

 Safilo High-Tech Eyewear

This is a brain-sensing eyewear that is designed to help people relax, find improved mental focus and rejuvenate them.  Created by an Italian company called Safilo, they produce the eyewear of various luxurious brands like Dior, Fendi, Celine, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs.  The technology used is one that guides meditation through the help of a meditation mobile app that monitors and charts your performance through the glasses. If you are wondering how to increase concentration power with this eyewear, all you need to do is wear the glasses and turn on the app. This will calibrate your brain waves as it takes you through some training on improving focus. The sunglasses look super classy and sporty and it can be worn anywhere, be it the beach or the city.

The glasses contain electronic sensors inside the frame and have rubber nose pads and a nose bridge that are designed to study the movements of facial muscles and the eyes.  Included, are temperature, pressure, gyroscope as well as UV sensors not forgetting the electroencephalography which is all about brain sensing.  There is a chip that is embedded in the glasses to connect  to the app via Bluetooth. An introduction to the app will guide you on the step to step methods of increasing your focus. Firstly, you will undergo a guided meditation that is based on the sound of waves coming to the shore. The more you focus on the waves, the softer they would lap, the more your mind wanders, the louder they will crush onto the sand. Whenever you become deeply relaxed, a birdsong would be heard.  The beauty and convenience of these glasses are that you can use them anywhere and anytime.

Mindset Smart Headphones

These are EEG headphones that help people by coaching them to reach deeper levels of focus. These state of the art headphones have sensors that measure your concentration level in real-time.  The mindset headphones are clinically proven as they are embedded with electroencephalography sensors that measure electrical activity in human brain. The EEG’s sophisticated techniques are used to infer anxiety levels, concentration and emotional states among many others. Mindset also listens to your environment and cancels out any distracting noise. The integrated sensors are embedded in the small spring loaded electrodes that fit through anyone’s hair and sit gently on the head.

The mindset uses advanced sensors to recognize patterns in the EEG signal that represents a focused mind. Mindset then measures one’s concentration level in real time through tracking changes during the day. One can schedule sessions during high concentration and deep work times and the mindset headset will alert you when you are distracted. This will help you to go back to what you were doing.  The alerts will train your mind to recognize when you are distracted thus leading to improvements in focus. After learning on how to concentrate for some time, you can comfortably have longer concentration periods. The more you use it, the more Mindset will understand the way your concentration changes throughout the day. Mindset can also give you suggestions on how you can improve productivity through sending emails or notifications on your downtime. For more improvement, you can schedule a neurofeedback session just like a gym to strengthen your concentration muscle further.

Apps That Boost Focus and Brainpower

The focus technology has stretched further from not only gadgets but also software and apps. Various mobile applications can be used to boost brainpower. They also help in maintaining psychological well-being as well. These apps don’t target mental health but aim at increasing the concentration power of the brain. However, it’s important to note that brain apps are not made to make someone smarter or happier, but they help you perform tasks better and improve concentration. Here are some of the best apps for your brain:


This is a popular app designed to meet your mental goals which are the memory, problem-solving, attention, and flexibility of thinking. The games are played according to time set, and they change every time. The developers of the game say that a session of this game will improve the mental skills. The users can track their progress and compare their performance over time with other gamers.

CogniFit Brain Fitness App

This app helps in improving cognitive abilities such as memory but most importantly, concentration. The app contains fun and addictive games that are created by neuroscientists. The users of the games can track their progress as they play the games. They can also access information about general brain health.  The game can compete with friends who can also challenge themselves.  After the first question, the application will adapt the difficulty of the game to your profile and will eventually give you recommendations according to your results. The developers of these app advice users to use the app for at least 20 minutes for three times a week for greater improvements.

Brain Fitness Pro App

This app helps individuals with memory training exercises that help to increase focus. The developers of this mobile app say continuous training will drastically increase attention and concentration skills. The benefits of using this app are said to be long term.

Fit Brains Trainer

The app has more than 360 different games and puzzles that have the main goal of increasing your mental strength. The game sessions will get harder as you continue improving. The game will at times challenge the player and provide solid brain exercise. One can easily track their progress while the program gives recommendations that can guide you for best results.

Brain Trainer Special

This is a software just like Lumosity that has various games that will help you to memorize letter sequences, solving math problems and memorizing phone numbers to keep your concentration level high. The levels will continue increasing as you advance through the game to a brain-tingling hard task. The app will also give various recommendations.

Despite depending on these gadgets and software for concentration boosting, it is important to also engage in stress-reducing activities such as Body Exercises, Fun with family and making a date with a therapist. Technology can sharpen your brain and calm your nerves, but your mental health is much more critical. This means you have to know the importance of the delicate balance of life and have meaningful social connections.


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