Google Pixel cases
Google Pixel cases

Over 45 years ago, a man by the name of Martin Cooper placed the first phone call from a sidewalk in Manhattan using a cellular phone. 

It was a monumental moment in history. The phone was big and bulky and performed only one of the many functions that we use our phones for today. Today the average person touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

68% of adults admit to feelings of panic and anxiety at the thought of losing their phones. That’s why there are so many innovative phone cases, invented to keep our phones protected and personal.

Some of these cases go the extra mile. Because we are so attached to and dependent on our phones, it makes sense that their cases would begin to go above and beyond just providing protection and style.

Keep reading to uncover 9 innovative phone cases that you should know about!

1. The Active Damping Case

The Active Damping case, also referred to as the ADcase, is the world’s first smartphone case that not only protects your screen, but actively protects it. Created by a German student, this phone senses when it’s in free fall mode. 

As soon as it begins to fall, the phone case’s sensors pick up on its movement and eject protectors on the top and bottom of every corner. The result is that it bounces, catches itself, and leaves the phone completely unharmed.

2. The Spigen Slip Armor Case

This no-frills case provides hard armor that keeps your phone protected from drops and falls. But in addition to protecting your smartphone, it can also protect your cards and cash. With a big enough space for a few cards and some cash, this case is also a wallet. It clicks them into place and keeps them hidden and secure.

3. The Goat Case

You can take this case with you and stick it, well, anywhere. It sticks to glass, mirrors, walls, whiteboards, tile, kitchen counters, metal, and most other smooth and flat surfaces.

The nano suction sticker can be cleaned with water. So there’s no need for multiple stickers as back up. If it isn’t sticking as well as it used to because of a little dirt and grime, simply wash the sticker off or wipe it clean with water and it’ll be as good as new.

This antigravity case is also reusable and temperature resistant.

4. A Bailey Hikawa Case

Bailey Hikawa is a Los Angeles native who makes cell phone cases to order, for a living. She pours colored resin into a wooden box, and then puts the entire thing into a pressure pot.

She says that the phone case should be an extension of one’s self and will often spend hours trying to perfect a new model.

One of her newest models, called “Poki,” has 6 rounded pegs on the back which are perfect for a hand to fit securely. The pegs serve as both a stand and as a pop socket-like function when holding and using the phone. 

5. The LuMee Case

The new LuMee has addressed and perfected prior bugs and customer complaints. This new case has a removable wrist strap for the perfect selfie shots. It lights up and also provides photographic lighting for both the front and rear camera.

You can transform your phone into a mobile photo studio by providing the perfect lighting for all your photos and videos. No matter what time of the day it is, this phone can take you out of the shadows.

6. The Pictar Camera Grip Case

All you have to do is slide this grip onto your phone for DSLR camera setup. Instantly features pop up such as shutter speed and a zoom ring. It’s the perfect addition for travel photographers. 

It doesn’t cover your phone’s actual lens so you can technically attach an additional and external lens if you’d like. It also has a tripod mount for when you absolutely need to use a tripod for your footage.

7. The Customized Case

Say so long to the days of storing pocket-sized photos of your loved ones into your antiquated wallet. With a customized case, you can take your loved ones with you everywhere, while protecting your phone at the same time.

These custom cases for smartphones come in a variety of protective options and can be customized with your own photos.

8. The Swiss+Tech Multitool Case

This case not only protects your phone with its impact-resistant case, but it also includes a handy set of tools. Worried about an apocalypse? This phone case has got you covered.

It has 2 flathead screwdrivers, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, spring-action scissors, a nail filer, and a nail cleaner.

9. The Vass Boost Sound Amplifying Case

This case has a protective shell that will keep your phone safe just like any other. The difference is that it also has sound amplifying technology that amplifies your phone’s sound by 3. 

Don’t have a Bluetooth speaker on hand? Take this case to the beach and enjoy your tunes at an amazing level of sound.

This case also has a foldable cover that protects your phone’s screen and can double as a stand for watching movies and more.

There Are Innovative Phone Cases, Galore!

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to protect your smartphone? Well in this day and age of innovative phone cases, there are many different ways to protect your phone and showcase your personality. 

Maybe you want to take a photo of your beloved pets with you everywhere you go. Maybe you want a place that can also hold your wallet and your glasses. Maybe you need that extra lighting to continue being the best traveling photographer of your generation.

Either way, the possibilities are endless. The only hard choice will be to decide between the many different awesome and innovative cases for your next phone case.







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