Robot Tattooist
Robot Tattooist

A prototype Robot Tattooist proves that the machines have steadier hands at carving human tattoos than human artists. The only set back is that it cannot console you, talk to you for pastime or stop tattooing by itself if you are feeling too much pain.

A new video has emerged, introduced the world’s first robot tattooist. The short video shows a robotic arm designing a simple tattoo on the arm of its volunteer human customer. However, the customer’s hand had to be strapped because the machine tattooing can result in serious injuries if there is a movement.

This experimental project was a courtesy of French designers Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveira, who accomplished the feat at a San Francisco house. Previously, the duo had invested in other crazy robotic projects like Makerbot 3D printer tattooist.

To draw a tattoo, the machine has to be fed a 3D scan of the target area through a customized program. The problem is that the spatial data about the surface of the arms is static. There is no live video. As a result, the machine tattooist only paints a given pattern according to the static 3D model fed into its memory and it won’t adapt to any movement.

Watch this video of robot tattooist and tell us what you think.


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