IBM Opens Up its Quantum Computing System with the Release of a New API
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IBM has opened up its nascent quantum computing system by releasing a new API for developers, it has been reported.

The company has announced that it is updating its quantum computing system, which is referred to as Quantum Experience Cloud, in a bid to allow developers have a more intimate interactio with the novel system. 

According to Jerry Chow, who heads the quantum computing division of the company, the new service is a drastic improvement on the model that the company has been using since it first launched the quantum computing model to the public a few years ago.

‘We have had tremendous success with the previous model, having attracted thousands of developers who have offered immense insights on how to make the service better,’ he said.

He further added that there had been calls for the company to open up its system in such a manner that developers can write their scripts and develop new ways in which the service can be applicable within various contexts.

IBM has been on the forefront in developing the new quantum computing technology.

The previous version of the service that the company opened to the public had restrictions that controlled the extent to which developers and researchers could interact with the system.

In the previous version of the service, developers could only make minimal changes to the manner in which the service could be applied in different scenarios. The company limited the freedom of developers and researchers by using its proprietary language.

However, by introducing a new API, the company has effectively opened up the service to researchers and developers.

‘By introducing the new API, we seek to speed up the process of developing the quantum computing technology by allowing more researchers to conduct high-end experiments and suggest ways in which we can improve the technology,’ Chow further said of the new system.

The company has also said that it is planning to release a Software Development Kit in the near future. A Software Development Kit will further speed up the process of developing new ways in which the new quantum computing technology can be used.

Following the release of the new API, researchers can now suggest various ways in which the new system could be improved.

Quantum computing remains a new type of technology which has the potential to change the manner in which traditional computing works.


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