MCAT is is the best android app on Play Store.
MCAT is is the best android app on Play Store.

A new MCAT android app has just been launched on Google Play Store, but how it is different from other related educational apps? The latest MCAT 6 is a completely free app that is more material-oriented rather than app stylization and enhancement so the questions really tickle your mind. With over 5000 MCQs, this is one of the best medical college assessment test preparation application available on smartphones.

MCAT 6 by 6cer features a simple interface so a user can easily navigate to its MCQ page without any effort and explore the questions he or she might not know the answer to. Which inevitably compels the test taker to pick up the books and find the answer. The new smartphone application only takes a single button to reach the main testing page containing all the multiple choice questions.

There are tons of educational apps on Play Store, but not all those apps are really focused on giving users what they really need. Like a good puzzle game, the usefulness of a good MCAT app is the subject matter; the material. But when tech-related individuals are tasked to compile biology MCQs, the job does get daunting.


The best thing about MCAT 6 is that it has been developed by people who have actually been through the testing process. So when you read a question and its possible answers, you instantly understand that this is what really confuses you. The MCQs are highly specific and present a real challenge to the examinees.

The latest app by 6cer includes a variety of topics including Taxonomy, Cell Biology, Photosynthesis, Evolution, Environmental Biology, Biotechnology etc. The developers promise more features and more testing material, including reward-based questions and self-assessment reporting.

As far as size is concerned, MCAT 6 at 20Mb is the lightest compared to other android apps in the category. The new medical college assessment test app is now available will soon be available on App Store as well. It is recommended for medical students and biology teachers too, who can also use it to prepare test papers for their pupils right from their smartphones.



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