The Bossard Group is well known on a global scale as a group of companies specializing in the production and sale of fastening equipment. Bossard Group has firm headquarters located in Switzerland but leads the market within three economic regions on the globe (The United States, Europe, and Asia). A recent emphasis on the North American market has created a strong presence therein for The Bossard Group; a warehouse was built in Iowa several years ago with continued reports of booming success. Read the information below to learn more about The Bossard Group and how it increased productivity and efficiency by utilizing quality label printers.


Bossard Group’s North American branch quickly established itself as a successful and high-demand presence, especially in the United States. However, in 2010 the company ran into a proverbial “bump in the road,” causing them to rethink the way in which they packaged, processed, and shipped goods. The “bump” was a strain on mobile printers used within warehouses. Since mobile printers were an essential aspect of The Bossard Group’s operation and success in processing orders, a desperate need for label and barcode printing solutions was quickly established.

Out With The Old

One of Bossard’s IT managers explained the problem succinctly by saying that Bossard required the use of printers located on mobile forklifts – printers that had to spit out labels at the speed with which products were selected. Unfortunately, these printers quickly “degraded,” according to said IT manager. Sending the not-so-efficient printers back for repair or upgrade was hardly worth the shipping cost, repair cost, or time (three months for one repair) involved. Besides, no one really knew if the repairs would actually create a more efficient product or not. It quickly became clear that the printers acquired in Europe had to go, and that a new and more efficient printing and labeling system had to be installed as soon as possible in order for the company to keep up with competitors and supply consumer demand.

In With The New

As Bossard North America set out on the adventure of discovering new printer options, many different brands and styles were tried. Bossard needed a mobile printer that could be used on forklifts, and The Group also needed a way to print quality barcode labels that could be used to track shipments. After a few weeks of meticulous trial and error, the company finally settled on a quality printer brand and began installation.



The results are in: quality barcode printing systems, such as those at Shopify, may increase business productivity by a large percentage. This is easily exemplified by The Bossard Group, which immediately began to see results upon printer installation. Take a look at these benefits to learn more about how quality printing systems aid Bossard to this day:

  • Printers were directly mounted to forklifts for simple mobile connectivity and quickly streaming wireless network data.
  • Workers who are on the field can simply pick out orders and scan them with a barcode. This reveals the products location so that it can easily be found within the huge warehouse establishment owned by The Bossard Group.
  • Workers enter in label number specifications, and printable labels are then sent directly from the printing server located in Bossard Group’s base in Switzerland.

 Avoiding Hassle

With the help of quality barcode and label printers, The Bossard Group is now able to avoid a multitude of hassles that had previously slowed down productivity and created unnecessary complications. For instance, before new mobile printers were installed, printed labels often crawled out of the printer at a snail’s pace. In fact, many employees often found themselves lining up at stationery printers in order to get the labels they so desperately needed in order to be productive. Obviously, stationery printers did not solve the problem! Everyone knows how easy it is to grab the wrong documents, labels, or paper sizes when sharing a large printer instead of using personalized printing systems. “You can only imagine the problems that ensued,” states a prominent IT manager. The manager continued to expound on the company’s gratefulness concerning the new devices. There are no more frequent calls to the IT department for technical help because the new mobile printers simply do their job and they do it right. According to Bossard Group’s employees, the new technology is more than a little welcome.

The reliability and efficiency of quality barcode and label printers continues to boost productivity within The Bossard Group’s walls on a daily basis – a fact that is much appreciated by everyone involved.


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