Spotify not buying SoundCloud
Spotify not buying SoundCloud

Spotify and SoundCloud appear to be similar music streaming services but they are not the same. The former has an edge over the later because the music portal has a refined business model that enables it to earn better and bring something back to the table. More revenue includes benefits like purchasing the competition out of the way, and that’s what was supposed to happen until the Financial Times report came forward claiming that Spotify may not be all that interested in acquiring SoundCloud.

Back in September, Spotify was in talk with SoundCloud for a possible purchase deal. Spotify was supposedly trying to accelerate its streaming catalog by killing the competition, the major one of being SoundCloud, with money. Now the change of mind by the music streaming company is being ascribed to preps for an IPO possibly next year and SoundCloud acquisition costs and licensing issues could result in money problems.


So Spotify is not buying SoundCloud (valued at $700 dollars) so SoundCloud users should take a breath of release that there isn’t going to be a policy change (terms and conditions/ terms of service). Music streaming industry is a hard to get benefit battleground and with the both leading the top spot, we can expect continued improvements in the services.


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