With a rise in technology, security systems have evolved over the years. They not only warn us when there is an intrusion or a fire but act like witnesses to a crime by catching perpetrators.

It is estimated that the security market will be worth almost $50 million by 2020. There are many benefits to installing a security system. Here are different types of security systems suited for commercial spaces.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance monitors behavior activities or changing information for the purpose of protection. Video surveillance is as a result of observation by using electronic equipment over a relevant transmission medium.

This type of security system tracks the activities going on around a place and store them in the form of videos. It prevents thefts and crimes at commercial properties as you can observe in real time.

About 60% of offenders tend to pass the premises that have installed video surveillance.

PA systems

Although this is a traditional method, it’s still effective. It is controlled centrally with a distribution of loudspeaker systems to deliver a message over thousands of square of feet. It could be used in university campuses to monitor sounds in classrooms.

With video surveillance, PA systems do a good job in investigating unusual noises in the area. When integrated with an IP camera system, it can be a holistic type of security system.

Wireless alarm systems

This type of security system notifies or sends an alarm wirelessly. Connectivity and management are done over WIFI or a simple cellphone network. A call is initiated immediately the alarm goes off.

However, when the cell phone network is unavailable, the wireless system will not work. They are sensitive to cameras, sensors, and beams thus efficient in protecting your space.

Access control

This type of security system is best suited for commercial workspaces, campuses, and hotel rooms. It has an authentication system that determines the users’ identity and if they have access to the premises.

This type of security system ensures minimal unauthorized access thereby protecting confidential information in the form of files and assets. An example of where you can use access control is churches.

This post about churches explains how you can improve security using access control. People going there want to feel a sense of peace, comfort, and safety. It is important to have good security protocols in place.

Smoke alarm

Smoke detectors are a great type of security system as they warn you before you even smell smoke. Millions of fires occur annually and severe injuries and fatalities caused.

Some smoke detectors have an inbuilt heat detector that sounds an alarm when there is a rapid rise in temperature. This will prevent fire damages.

Choosing the types of security systems

If you are running a business, you need to come up with the types of security system that will ensure the security of your business. Before buying a security system, you need to have an evaluation for your space.

Have consideration for areas that need extra security such as IT offices or supply rooms. Choose a security system that is almost compatible with the type of business you have.

For example, you may want cameras that move around so that they monitor large spaces or a disguised one. Evaluate these type of security systems and their capabilities before making your decision.

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