3D printers have become the next big thing in the printing world, now you can easily create and print any 3D image at an affordable cost. Before, it used to be very expensive to print 3D images, but as technology keeps on advancing, more affordable 3D printers are being created. Designers have embraced the 3D technology and in the future, these 3D printers will replace our normal printers. Below I have a list of some amazing 3D printers you should try , some might come at a high price, but some are quite affordable.


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  1. 1.     THE VISION:

This is not just a 3D Printer, but will also print your dreams, it is that amazing that I  have no clear way of describing it. It is an affordable 3D printing device and it has an amazing design, most 3D printers are not designed to this perfection, they have ugly designs, but this one is just amazing. The best thing about this 3D printer, is that you don’t have to be a designer to use it, simply go to websites likes thingiverse.com and choose from any 3D models then print them out with this device. If you want to create your own designs, you can use its powerful open source software to change the existing models to create a unique design.



Its print speed is up to 250mm/s , filament diameter is 1.75mm – 3.0 mm. Learn more here


  1. 2.     B9Creator

This is a high resolution 3D Printer which will make your 3D printing dream come true. This B9Creator is a DIY 3D printer which comes with a complex printing system, once the printing is done, you will not believe in the results, because every thing will seem too perfect. It is quite simple to use this B9Creator 3D printer, its assembly kit is straight forward which requires a few basic tools like (Screw drivers, crescent wrenches, hex etc) , its electronics don’t need any soldering. To simplify the all process of assembling and using this device, it comes with a step by step user manual.


Resolution is adjustable and the build volume will also vary, depending on the resolution:

For example:  At 50 micro x/y pixels – build ares will be 51.2mm (2.02”) x 38.4mm (1.52”) x 203.2 mm (8.0”)

Learn more here


  1. 3.       EVENTORBOT:

This is an open source 3D Printer which is created by Duy Dang. It comes with a solid steel frame which eliminates over 40% of parts and cost that other 3D Printers might be using. So as a customer, this is good news for you, because the device will come at an affordable price . This 3D PRINTER machine can melt plastic filament to build objects in 3D form. As of now, its print size is 8″x10″x6″

Learn More Here


  1. 4.      FORM 1:

This is one of the most affordable well designed 3D printer ever, it is very easy to use and it can fit on your office desk , it consumes less space yet it delivers quality work. The device is created by Formlabs , it was engineered to deliver high resolution parts with just a simple touch of a button. This FORM 1 3D printer comes with a well designed software which simplifies the process of printing in 3D , with this software, you can easily sketch models and send them to the 3D printer in just a few clicks.

Learn more here:


  1. 5.     RoBo 3D Printer:

You can easily bring your brilliant ideas to life with the RoBo 3D printer. It comes at $520 a piece. It is an easy to use 3D Printer for anyone regardless of the knowledge and skill of that user. Use this RoBo 3D printer to turn any computer model into a real physical model. You can create any type of 3D model with this RoBo 3D printer. For example, you can create iphone cases, prototypes, household items, kids’ toys, spare parts and much more. After making your order, the RoBo3D assembled kit will come with plastic filaments which will enable you get started from the minute you plug it in.  Learn more here:


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