What is it? An ATV or Jet Ski

Its a man’s best friend ( sorry doggie). Its the new Amphibian line from Gibbs Sports. After years of research and I assume some procrastination, Gibbs has created the ultimate out door machine. The perfect mix for land and water lovers.

The Gibbs Quadski is built with a quality BMW engineered 1.3 engine, achieving an amphibian record breaking 45 miles on water and land. What is more it only takes four seconds to transform between both surfaces. The Gibbs Quadski has the ability to retract all wheels when preping for water and dropping them for land (obviously).

This mini beast will be the future for adventure machine, this ATV/Jet Ski has a long and prosperous future ahead. All areas of the defense services are already adopting these.. now its your turn check it out @ Gibbs Sports



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