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All the Bestest, Weirdest, Stupidest, Dumbest and Coolest Things You Didn’t Know You Needed Till Now!! Great Gadgets to Add to Your Technology Arsenal!

Meet MiP: Best Toy Robot Gift for Your Kids

MiP is the Winner of the TOTY 2015 Innovative Toy of the Year. The robot warrior offers tons of gameplay via Android or iOS...

Revols Custom-fit Wireless Bluetooth EarBuds

Doesn’t matter if you use headphones, earphones or earbuds; there is always a limit to the level of comfort we earcovers do not allow you roll sideways, earphones...

Top 3 Trending Gadgets of The Fall 2015

Here comes another round of breathtaking must have gadgets. The thing about these creative pieces of electronic hardware is that you can live without...

Sharp’s RoboHon is a Lovely Little Robo-Phone

The dream of having Iron Man’s Jarvis around your household is a far-fetched possibility. However, the new smartphone from Sharp, revealed during the Ceatec...

Cool Tetris Lamp

Create new memories with the Tetris Lamp, wouldn't recommend dropping it from heights though, hoping they fit together!! PLAY GAME INSIDE!!

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It is the ultimate rugged speaker for almost any adventure!! You like outdoors? Like music!! Stop wasting your time with earphones get quality sound from this beast of a speaker.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Tired losing Sparky!?? Never again with Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. Ladies this is not to be used on husbands and boyfriends this is strictly for animals, despite...

Cool Scribble Clock

Whilst drifting off to lala land, you remember all the things you should have done earlier that day, you need the Scribble Alarm Clock.

Levitating Waters

Isn't it cool? Its Levitating Water. No its not a lie, well not really.Check it out!!

1 Voice Beanie (Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones)

A beanie with high quality Bluetooth headphones built-in which streams premium quality music from your portable devices.