Morgan Loebel creates real life monsters out of iPhones and Android phones.
Morgan Loebel creates real life monsters out of iPhones and Android phones.

Morgan Loebel has a predilection to see the funny side of things, and among all his artist work, nothing could be as much entertaining as his monster smartphones. He has created an array of mobile phone casings that appear both gruesome and awesome at the same time.

Loebel has turned his phones into Necronomicons, so fierce they look life like real. Dental technician by profession, he is a Kansas-based artist who loves to put his talents to express his imagination. He has created an Instagram page called Morgan Mutations which is actually an exhibition of monstrous figures etched on the backside of smartphones.

Each horrific smartphone casing is different from another and feature scary teeth, eyes, and all kind of nightmare apparitions that keep you up in the nights. The casings are completely handcrafted and have been produced on both iPhone and android phones.

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According to Loebel, the teeth is what he is really good at which are evidently the best part of his monstrous creations. Apart from the glistening teeth, the eyes also appear very real and over all the sculpts are just to die for.

Currently, he has over 23.5K followers and 102 posts on Instagram. Loebel says that it takes great “patience, artistic skill, and a steady hand,” which came to him from his dental experience. If you are in for some smartphone monster inspiration, Morgan Loebel’s Instagram page is a good place to start.



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