MiP is the Winner of the TOTY 2015 Innovative Toy of the Year. The robot warrior offers tons of gameplay via Android or iOS interactivity; it is really so much fun. What can MiP do? It can carry around things, fight battles for you or follow in your footprints wherever you tell it to go.

The interactive Android app allows you to draw a path for MiP to traverse or you can switch to direct control system, which appears on your Android or iPhone device like a first-person shooter game.

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One of the coolest things about the toy robot is that it has only two lateral wheels with a state of the art balancing system that does not allow it to fall forward or backward, that is until you shoot it down during the battle mode.

The battle mode is for team play, in which you take over the controls and fight with other MiP challengers. The shooting is carried out through its laser eyes, and if you fire right on the target, your controlled MiP sends the signals to the other MiP which instantly dies out.

There are a total of 7 built-in play modes, while the touch device app for your Android or iOS device is completely free. MiP comes with GestureSense™ technology and can chase hand motions and gestures.

Although it can serve the perfect gift to surprise your children, MiP is strictly not for kids only, grown-ups can also find pretty much going on with it. It is a really cool gadget to become a part of your household environment.  

It can also carry the weight of a fluid-filled can on its powerful hands. It can also dance to your music library and so much more. 


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