Smoke alarms are an essential part of home safety and security, but typical alarm system does not give you great control over their functionality. You have to keep a check on the battery, get up to your roof to turn off the false alarm and there is no remote control to monitor and control its activities and alerts.

Not anymore! Roost Battery Alarm System gives you all above, now you can head out of your home without worrying about the fire alarm.

Roost itself is actually just a battery, but not just any battery. You connect Roost to your smoke alarm and that’s it, now you have something close to a connected  fire alarm.

Roost links to your WiFi network via a smartphone app. Once you have installed Roost on your fire alarm and configure the settings on the Roost App, which is available for all smartphones. Now the Battery is monitoring your fire alarm and you can keep a tag on its activity with the help of your internet enabled phone.

Roost offers an incredible 5-year battery pack, so you don’t have to wake up to  those annoying beeps which are triggered by the fire alarms as the battery depletes. You get all the notifications right on your smartphone anywhere, anytime and even deactivate the system when there is a false alarm.

Roost is a smart and affordable solution for your home security. It not only saves you money but ensures your convenience and the safety of your home doesn’t matter where you are. Give Roost a shot is totally worth it.

Watch the video to learn more about Roost.


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