Doesn’t matter if you use headphones, earphones or earbuds; there is always a limit to the level of comfort we earcovers do not allow you roll sideways, earphones give you some degree of flexibility, but then again they compromise the quality of music.

Earbuds supposedly give you a good experience by not leaking the sound, but they do not sit perfectly on your ears. Our ear canals bear a complex shape; to make something fit in them is a scientific challenge. Earbuds previously seen use different sized rubber molds, they however continue to hurt your ear holes after prolonged used. Revols finally have a solution.

Revols understands that people have unique ears and they have designed the first ever flexible earbuds that conform to the shape of your ear and stay attached. All you have to do is put them in your ear and press tap a button on the accompanying app, as you do, the gel-filled ends forge according to the shape of your external ears. Don’t worry; you will be able to take them out.


The entire molding process takes only a minute and then the earbuds, which now have a unique shape of your ears, are ready to be used. Revols earbuds offer eight hours of playback on a fully charged batteries, not to mention, wirelessly via Bluetooth. Not only that, you get great sound quality with Onkyo backing up the acoustics.

Onkyo also adds features as noise-cancellation with granular control; meaning you can control the level of external sound blocking. This is helpful when you are riding on a bike so you can hear the sound of horns or listen to the conversation of the people.

Custom-fit earbuds available in the market can cost you a pretty penny, however, you can get these for only US$300, and you can further save $200 if you pledge to the crowdfunding campaign.



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