Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Mark Zuckerberg Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t among the individuals who would sit back and relax, so he decided to get the itch out by building an Iron Man-style AI. Months after he announced the plan to create his Jarvis back in January, the invite was finally open this Thursday when Facebook creator asked the audience their opinion over who should be the voice of the AI.

The real Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. offered his voice services, with a funny statement about Benedict Cumberbatch on his role as Doctor Strange. Just an hour later, Zuckerberg responded to that by writing, “This just got real.”


Alongside other suggested names included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman. While Apple’s Siri, and now Google assistant with her much beautiful voice continue to serve mobile phone owners as their AI assistant, Zuckerberg’s AI assistant version would be more of a private asset that unlike Facebook he may never share with the world.

But there isn’t anything Jarvis about Zuckerberg’s AI assistant because reportedly, it is only capable of doing simple tasks like controlling light and room temperature, something that Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Home’s Google Assistant have been performing very well. This marks the start of personalization of AI assistants.



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