Molds that Supposedly Show the Size of Apple's 2017 iPhones Appeared Online
Credit: AppleInsider

Apple’s new iPhones that are supposed to come out during this year were a topic of many speculations over the last few months. After today, however, we might finally have something specific, since today a number of photos appeared, and what they’re showing is said to be several molds for the next iPhone. If true, these might indicate the potential size of the new models that the users were expecting and speculating about.

There’s supposed to be three new iPhone models that are to be released during this year. Two of them are supposed to be LCD-based ‘S’ cycle upgrades to the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, while the third one is supposed to be an iPhone 8, and it’s expected that it’ll arrive with an edge-to-edge OLED display, according to rumors.

We should point out that these molds might simply be made for the purpose of creating iPhone cases by a third-party maker, instead of representing the actual devices. Still, many unconfirmed details that were going around for months now might apply to these molds. Dimensions of the supposed iPhones, for example, are one of those details.

On the pictures, the three iPhones are shown, where the supposed iPhone 8 is placed between iPhone 7s and 7s Plus that are placed on its sides, It would seem that supposed iPhone 8 isn’t much bigger than the regular 7s, although its screen might be closer to the size of a much bigger 7s Plus. There’s a noticeable lack of bezels on both the bottom as well as on top of the device. It’s suspected that this is done so that the OLED area could be enabled.

Another picture that offers a side-on view can give us another chance to see the alleged dimensions, but the photo reveals other details too. One of them is a long power button. Previous ‘leaks’ suggested that it might serve as a surface used for fingerprint recognition, in case that Touch ID can’t be integrated into the OLED display. Some rumors even claimed that Apple’s had big troubles about dealing with this, but nothing official was ever uncovered,

There were even speculations, supposedly backed up by several sources, that the sensor might end up being on the back of the handset. This would copy the design of Samsung Galaxy S8, and users agreed that this would be a rather inferior implementation, especially when compared to what was expected so far.

Some of the previous rumors are confirmed by the photos, though, including the one about the vertical dual-lens orientation. This would be in open contrast to the regular, horizontal layout that we witnessed on iPhone 7 Plus, and that’s still expected to remain even on the 7S Plus version.

Whether this is the true model or not, we won’t know until September, when the ILED iPhone is supposed to be unveiled, together with the ‘S’ cycle phones. Some more speculations and expectations were made, for example, that it would feature a new 3D- sensing tech in its front camera, and also that it’ll have a faster A11 chip. Also, iris and face recognition is still being expected, as well as enhances waterproofing, wireless charging, and even a body made entirely out of glass.


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