Studying can be brutal no doubt. Sticking your face in a book trying to improve grades or simply ace that test sure does sound like quite some bit of work. For some reason, studying is not an experience most people find enjoyable. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. As technology is increasingly getting incorporated in education, traditional study techniques are slowly losing relevance. With smart devices and access to perhaps the single most revered resource of our time; the internet, studying is now as easy as it can get. There are several methods you can use to ensure you retain as much content as possible during study sessions. Try these learning techniques to study smart.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials add another dimension to studying that makes your learning experience more effective. Video lessons allow you to pause, rewind, stop and play a video tutorial. You can replay critical sections or points you need to remember, which is essential for retention of the content. It is a proven fact that learners tend to recall more of the material when it is presented in a video format. This study method beats the boredom of regular “book-in-your-face” kind of approach to studying. For instance, it is a lot easier to remember how to properly do sutures by watching video tutorials as opposed to reading it.
When used on different platforms such as pre-recorded videos or interactive online videos, the studying experience is enhanced to such a degree that even individuals with lower learning abilities get to absorb more of the content. Different teachers have different teaching speeds. It can prove to be a little challenging trying to keep up with a fast teacher. Listening while taking notes may at times prove to be a challenge. With learning aids such as video tutorials, you can catch up on every important point you might have missed. Combining videos and textbook material is an effective way to study smart as it allows you to visualize the information contained in the books and gain a deeper comprehension.

Audio Books and Lessons

As science would have it, human beings rely heavily on sight and sound. The latter is particularly useful in a classroom setting. Most lessons are verbally conducted which means that attentiveness and excellent listening skills are necessary. However, in a typical environment, there are many background noises that the human mind cannot ignore. Despite spirited attempts at keen listening, you may, from time to time, get distracted. Studying using audio lessons is an effective technique for covering a lot of material you might have missed in class. Audio books allow you to rewind and play the material you intend to retain. After several cycles, you will observe that you can indeed, recite a significant portion of your study material.
It can be likened to repeatedly listening to a song and afterward finding that you can recall all the words in the song.Today, smartphones and gadgets have made it possible to study using audio aids. Studying using audio means is a method mostly used to great effect in language studies. The method is also quite active in other areas such as science, law, and humanities. Let’s face it, the truth is, it is unlikely that you’ll grasp every single word your professor says. As mentioned earlier reading books is not as fun as it should be, especially when grades are concerned. Record or downloaded audio lessons allow you to listen as many times as you need to. You may further incorporate a book for reference.

Virtual Learning 

Technology has made it possible to study without necessarily attending classes. With a tablet, smartphone and an internet connection, you can now conduct your education with ease. The best feature of virtual learning is that, unlike traditional means, you get to access all the material you need and just in case you run into a snag, you have the option of requesting assistance from your professor; without meeting up or going to class. The method allows for interactive study sessions which eventually translates into higher content retention rates. Virtual learning is common in many universities around the globe. This goes on to prove the importance of technology in education.
The method allows for both audio and visual modes of study. The best part of this approach is that you can study from practically any location. Studying from an area, you feel comfortable can have a positive impact on the retention rate. The ultimate aim is to recall as much of the material as is possible therefore using technology to study is a good idea. On the same, you may use this study technique to consult your peers on specific areas you might be having problems. Having someone else explain something presents a new point of view you might appreciate and internalize faster. A new interpretation of study material is standard as different individuals have varying retention rates.

Teach Someone Else

It has been shown that explaining what you have studied to someone else can boost your memory of the same. After an intense study session, getting some R&R is excellent. However, it is recommended to at least attempt teaching a friend the material you studied. The method is perhaps the oldest trick known to improve your memory of study material. An example is, have you ever wondered how your professor became so good at a particular subject? He or seems to recite the content effortlessly while the rest of you struggle to keep up. Well, the explanation is simple, years of teaching the same material. Professors are human too, they just stay smart, therefore there is nothing hidden about how they can retain so much information.

The use of information technologyv in education
How does technology feature this method? As mentioned, with the internet and access to a variety of gadgets such as smartphones, laptop computers and tablets, face to face conversations are easier.Thanks to services such as Skype, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp video calls, you can teach your peers or friends the material you study without the need to meet up physically.
After a while, the material you recite to your friends tends to remain in your memory. However, this doesn’t mean that you concentrate on just one topic. Throwing in a blend of subjects is a sure way to alleviate boredom and enhance your memory, be smart about it. In the long run, teaching someone else the material you study can give you a deeper perspective and appreciation of the content. Trust me; you will feel brilliant. On top of that, being able to ease through your exams is just one of the advantages of this effective study method. You will be able to write compelling arguments and facts. It is a refreshing experience for once being the one passing on information.

Takes Notes

Although technology can help ease the hassle of studying, some rather basic techniques such as taking down notes have been proven to be efficient as well. Taking notes during a lecture or audio study session improves your memory. Taking notes on your notebook of which I don’t mean a PC but rather a piece of paper builds muscle memory allowing you to recall a significant portion of the information being passed on. To jazz things up, you can take notes on your tablet using a standard pen stylus. Do you get the idea? As long as you keep your hands busy while listening to a lecture or even when reading a book, you’re assured to pick up several important points.
Noting down key points allows you to internalize them. It is easier to apply to study material you have written yourself as opposed to someone else’s study materials. Taking notes allows you to simplify, compress and summarize the study material using mnemonic stylings such as acronyms. The method helps you learn a great deal more compared to just writing down the entire literature. By simplifying the information to a format you can easily understand and recall, it goes without saying that your mastery of the content will be on another level. The results apparently will be improved grades and an unmatched mastery of the study material. This study technique is used in most areas of study and can be used indiscriminately across all levels of education. With a suitable tablet and accompanying stylus, the need for carrying around a notebook is eliminated. You can jot down everything you need to at one convenient place.

In as much as technology has played a huge role in the evolution of study techniques, studying still does require some level of commitment and effort. By this I mean you have to study smart not necessarily harder. An important and often overlooked factor to successful studying is the fact that the human brain requires plenty of rest and proper nutrition. Experts suggest that at least eight hours of sleep is enough to ensure your mind is performing optimally. Pulling all-nighters is a traditional study method but guess what, it doesn’t work. Tiring yourself out won’t translate into improved grades. Trust me.
As far as nutrition goes, experts recommend a healthy intake of blueberries, lentils, eggs, and chicken among other things. The reason behind this is that the said foods contain choline and flavonoids in the case of blueberries. Flavonoids strengthen connections in the brain which similar to choline; a precursor to acetylcholine improves memory. Contrary to popular opinion, eggs are a healthy food to almost everyone. Other nutritional points to consider include Omega-3 fatty acids. This class of fatty acids is a crucial component in the proper functioning of the brain. Regularly testing yourself on the material you study has been shown for a while now to improve your memory on the information you study.
With all that said and done, I hope that you will find this study guide useful.


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