Theranos miniLabs

After being a subject of constant controversies and allegations, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has finally decided to bring the technology to the world. The founder of the famous blood testing company conducted a scientific convention on August 1st, Monday, showcasing what she had been hiding up her sleeve.

Theranos had been around the news because of the alleged unauthentic blood testing methods. The company that was previously evaluated at $9B was penalized by the Forbes which re-estimated its worth down to $800M which was a huge blow to Holmes and her efforts.

Yesterday, Holmes introduced a new blood testing kit that could replace its controversial Edison machines. During the annual meeting of the  American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Holmes took the covers off miniLab, which barely occupied more space than a household computer printer.

The new Theranos device, The MiniLab, uses only 160 microliters of blood, collected by picking a finger. For the demonstration, Holmes chose to present 11 test results but the company claims the printer-sized blood testing laboratory can run up to 40 tests.

Since Theranos was founded back in 2003, the scientific community had been suspicious of its secret methods to test blood samples and demanded proof that their tests were not unorthodox. It gave the company a tough time and now by unveiling miniLab, the company has proven the point, that it has a great potential to rule the health market.



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