Despite the fact that almost all smart devices promise to revolutionize your homes, not all of them are worth your money. Find listed below five such devices that your homes can certainly do without.

Philips’ Hue Connected Bulb

Although, being able to control a bulb with your smartphone might seem like a great idea, in reality, the whole concept seems to be rather unrealistic and unnecessary. Therefore the Philips’ Hue Connected Bulb shouldn’t be included in a smart home where efficiency and the realistic usage of devices are a primary concern. Lets be real, you will use this feature for about one or two weeks max, then you will get tired and simply turn it off and on. Its a neat device of course, it looks great, but we are here to lay the facts as they are you do not need the Philips’ Hue changing bulbs, want them because you have cash, and they look pretty. ** though I agree, don’t have the extra cash part**

Chamberlain My Q garage

Whilst some may argue that the Chamberlain Q garage is a very useful device, the truth is that dedicated security for this area of your home is not really necessary. Technically speaking, a number of other devices in the same price range or even lower, may provide more security benefits as compared to this gadget in particular. If you opt for the Chamberlain My Q Garage simply for opening or closing your garage door with a smartphone, you may wish to opt for a less expensive and a more efficient system instead. On the other hand, in case you plan to utilize this device for security reasons, there are many other devices on the market providing a much better surveillance and security system.

Hiku labs Hiku

The functionality of the Hiku labs Hiku machine is of a questionable interest. If the main purpose of this piece of equipment is simply to influence your monthly grocery bill, then perhaps this device is not the most important option. The Hiku streamlines your shopping list each month and jots down a new one accordingly. But if we were to be honest, the same result can be achieved by using a simple pen and paper, consequently rendering this device useless, at least for the non-lazy person. *cough*cough* referring to me of course **

Quirky Egg minder

When talking about the kitchen of the future, we certainly look for more efficient and effective food storage systems. But some of these storage systems can be rather costly and ineffective as is the case with the Quirky Egg Minder. The egg minder, while it is supposed to effectively manage your egg usage, simply enables you to know how many good eggs you have left inside the egg minder tray at home. One of the chief problems faced is that for each egg entered, a manual date of expiry must be set, which means that the egg may or may not expire before the designated date. Therefore, the usability of this particular device must be questioned.

Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt

The Yale real living touchscreen Z-Wave technology lock is a great piece of technology for home security, but the reason it has earned a spot here is because of numerous alternative security measures available in the market today. There are many options when it comes to smart locks that may perform equally well or even better for a lower price. One of the problems associated with the lock is the huge space required on the inside of the door for the lock to be effectively installed. Besides this, the Yale Touchscreen deadbolt system may prove to be a good security system for your home. ** I actually really like z-wave and its use in home automation, but facts are facts, there are cheaper options, if you can afford it buy it, if not**


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