The world is constantly changing in terms of technology and improvisation. Every day brings with it yet another invention and innovation to amaze the masses. Some of these technological advancements are pure genius and probably took a lot of thinking and deliberation. We may not consider a lot of these as useful as the conventional technologies; some may even be labeled as absurd or lame. Yet these strange inventions can help you in some of the most challenging situations and as the makers usually put it, ‘one day you will be so glad i came up with this useful invention’.

Here is a list of the top 9 unusual yet extremely useful inventions that you will really be thankful for:


  1. RunPhones

RunPhones are for those very annoying moments when, in the middle of a workout, you constantly have to stop and adjust your earbuds/headphones. RunPhones combine the power of a sweat absorbent head band and headphones to give you very convenient working out gear.


  1. Lighted Cord Organizer

Ever wondered how all those cords ended up getting entangled and that too in the most complicated manner? Seems like you’re not the only one, we’ve all been there. The lighted cord organizer is a small round box that helps keep your desk organized. It keeps all the cords in one place with just their ends poking out. Although it sounds pretty fancy, it is way less expensive than you’d think.


  1. Kolibree

Kolibree is not your average toothbrush. It’s a smart toothbrush, in the real context of the word. It transmits data regarding your plaque and tartar to your smart phone, telling you exactly how much you’ve removed, thus promoting effective tooth brushing. It keeps a record on your cell phone of your daily brushing activity, which consequently helps you in forming a twice a day brushing habit.


  1. 3D printing

Whoever invented this is undoubtedly a genius. Not yet a widely used technology, what 3D printing can do is create a 3 dimensional object out of a computerized picture. So, in future, when you need that spare part for your vacuum cleaner or just a random everyday use item from the hardware store, instead of going out all the way and getting it, you will be able to simply ‘print’ it out. With this amazing advancement life as we know it has already changed.


  1. BedPhones

If you are a music junkie who loves his music, headphones and their variants is surely the best technology for you! We mean what could be better than listening to your favorite music and that too with foamy, comfortable headphones. Some of us also like going to sleep with the sound of music in our ears but hate it when they impinge the ears or the side of the head. If you have been bothered by similar situations, buy away!


  1. Zepp Sensor

Trying your hand at sports? If you suck at baseball, golf, tennis or any of the games that require manual dexterity, you would want to try the Zepp Sensor out. It analyses 1000 data points per second and display a 3D presentation of the swing of the player. It helps you become that really awesome player and eliminate those embarrassing sports moments that nearly everyone encounters early on in their sports life.


  1. The Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

The title says it all. Yes, it is surely as cool and as awesome as it sounds. The laser embedded in it projects a full QWERTY keyboard on a flat surface. It is compatible with any Bluetooth device like any cell phone, tablet or laptop. The user needs to just touch the images of the keys and nothing more; the touching is also accompanied by tapping sounds which makes it even more realistic.


  1. EnerPlex Surfr

The EnerPlex Surfr will charge your phone using solar energy. Yes, you heard it right, solar energy! It is only a one time expense and then no worshiping the electrical sockets. We call that a pretty good deal.


  1. TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case

We cannot emphasize enough how amazingly helpful this invention is. It’s like your iPhone and Swiss Card both in one. So whenever you need a little flashlight, a pocket knife, a can or cork opener or any of those everyday tools required off and on, you do not have to reach far for these. They’re basically stuck on the back of your iPhone!



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