The city of Dubai has launched yet another innovation in the world of automated transportation.

Dubai has recently launched its plan to operate a fleet of self-flying drone taxis. The first test flight of the vehicle was demonstrated in the past week was widely regarded successful.

The self-flying drones have been created by the German company, Volocopter. This automated air taxi uses an 18-rotor electric drone. The test flight was demonstrated above a desert patch in Dubai in the Jumeirah Beach Residence area.

The design of the Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT) is based on the traditional smaller version of a consumer drone. The AAT, however, is much larger and contains comfortable seats for passengers. The maiden voyage, however, was conducted without any passengers.

This flight captured the awe and imagination of the Dubai public, as it gave them the first glimpse of this new futuristic mode of casual traveling. The model, however, is far from being ready for public use. The company still has to conduct several safety tests, and it is likely that this method of traveling will only be implemented in half a decade.

Passengers will be able to summon the AAT using an app similar to the Uber app. The drone will them transport passengers across the city, after which it will return to a landing pad to be recharged.

The inside of the AAT is a very intimate affair. The cabin is about two meters wide and can comfortably carry two people at a time. The cabin also has a dash unit which displays relevant data.

Director-General of the RTA, Mattar Al Tayer praised the advanced safety measures of the AAT, which includes multiple redundancies in all major areas, including propellers, motors, power source, electronics, and flight control. Every drone will also be equipped with emergency parachutes.

The test was conducted and monitored by using a drone tracking system. This system will ensure flight safety in the Dubai airspace.

Dubai has been instrumental in autonomous transportation methods. The automated drone taxis will also be joined by Dubai’s driverless metro system. There have also been reports of the city developing a Hyperloop high-speed transportation system. Dubai has established itself as a leader when it comes to efficient transportation.



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