A new and advanced level in the domain of printing has come to our use with the arrival of 3d printing technology.  A 3d printer simply follows a digital pattern on a computer aided design (CAD) to print or create objects in the real world using plastic filaments completing 1 layer at a time. If you want to own a best 3D printer, then check out the following top three 3D printers for home use:


  1. Cubify Cube 3D    (Check it out now)

The Cubify cube 3D is an easy to use, economical, and compact printer to create 3D projects for home or office. You can create objects in 2 types of materials namely compostable PLA plastics or recyclable ABS while implementing the use of 16 different colours within the limits of 14x14x14 cms.  The software is easy to use with no complexity at all. It comes with a touch screen menu, which is not easily available on other 3D printers and this makes Cube 3D printer a great asset. It also makes connectivity much easier as it can be connected to PC via the Wi-Fi, USB cable, and the flash drive. Priced at around $1,300, Cubify cube is the best 3D printer if you are looking at compact design, reliability, ease of use, and easy connectivity.

Afinia 3D Printer and Prints

  1. Afinia H- Series  (CHECK IT OUT)

Afinia H 3D printer is one of the best 3D printers in terms of easy setup, cost, and overall performance. This printer comes fully pre- assembled and does not require any assembling except that you only have to take it out and connect it to your PC. Its 3D software provides you with easy to use interface for orientation, lay outs, duplicates, and scaling parts. With Afinia H Series, you can print a wide range of 3D creations using high quality PLA plastic filament and 1.7 mm ABS. The speed at which it creates project is 30 millimetres per second. Afinia H is connected with a USB to the PC; however, you can disconnect the connection even while the printing is on. This 3D printer comes for around  $1,400 and takes care of all your 3D printing needs in an easy-to-use and compact design.




  1. Maker Bot Replicator 2

Maker Bot replicator 2 has been launched recently and is already called “the next best thing” in the field of 3d printers. Weighing 33 pounds, it comes with dual extrusion for two coloured printing and a large printing area. This allows you to print objects as big as 22.6x15x14.4 cms in the newer version. It comes pre-assembled; however, some parts still have to be connected such as the rubber legs and the step strider; this only requires your simple bolting skills. The software is user friendly and gives you freedom to create your projects easily. Priced at around $2,000 only, this 3D printer allows you to create professional models ranging from small to big projects from the comfort of your home or office.

Think about what YOU can create!!


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