Environment friendly, convenient, and cost effective are some of the adjectives commonly given to electric cars. These cars provide many more benefits to their owners and environment as compared to the gas powered cars. If you want to cut down on fuel expenses and support the common good of serving the ecosystem, you can certainly choose an electric car for yourself from some of the best fuel efficient cars available in the market. Following are the Top 3 Luxury Electric Cars that are sure to delight you with their good looks and efficient performance:

  1. Tesla Model S

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Considered to be the most expensive luxury electric car in the lot, Tesla Model S is a five door hatch back, high performance electric car with base model starting at around $57,400. This car offers the maximum range 265 miles with 85 kWh lithium ion battery pack. This powerful sedan with great looks comes with the best in class aerodynamics with highly efficient power train and Regenerative Braking that summons up energy when the car slows down. With these features, Tesla Model S becomes the highly efficient and powerful electric car.  It’s battery can be charged with three options, including the Public Station, the 240 volt outlet, and the Tesla Supercharger. If you want comfort, luxury, performance, convenience, and worry free drive, Tesla Model S, one of the best luxury cars is an answer for you.

  1. Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid

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Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid is a stylish and high performance electric car that scores 50 mpg around town EPA with its revolutionary technology. This sedan uses a parallel hybrid power train system, which uses electric motor and engine to produce the power. This makes this car one of the best fuel efficient cars that offers increased highway efficiency. With this advanced technology, you can achieve powerful speed with a gasoline engine on highways and when the speed is low, it works as a series vehicle, the electric motor kicks in. The car operates completely on electric motors for acceleration when the speed is less than 40 mph and the moment it crosses the 40 mph mark, it operates on the gasoline engine. The car’s price starts at around $39,780.

  1. Chevrolet Volt 


Starting at $39,145, Chevrolet Volt provides you with electric and gas option making it into a powerful luxury car. With its advanced lithium ion battery, you can drive gas free for 38 miles. And, if you have plans to travel over 350 miles, you can do that by getting the battery charged with gas generator that produces electricity while you are on board. It comes with a cutting edge technology to make your drive hassle free, efficient and powerful. It is also considered to be sportier to drive than other 4 door electric cars. Get rid of all your gas fill up and range worries with Chevrolet Volt, one of the popular and best luxury cars available in the market.


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