With so many tablets in the market nowadays, it is hard to choose a good tablet that fits your needs. Android tablets are the best choice as they have a wide variety of applications and features.

Here is a brief look at tablets from Android you could choose from as at November 2013:



Google Nexus 7, 2013 Edition

Google Nexus 7 is an improved version and is better than its previous version in many ways. It comes packed with loads of features and the price is reasonable too.

Pros: Thin and lightweight, its interface is elegant and bright. People who love to indulge in social media are going to love this. With an impressive battery life, it also comes packed with a better screen, CPU and other features. The stereo, with loud speakers is to die for and whatever bugs they found in the previous version are fixed. The IPS display is fabulous and this tablet is pretty fast too. The hardware is excellent and you’ll love the design. The operating system is amazing and the Jelly Bean user interface is very powerful.

Cons: you won’t find many disadvantages with this sleek product, but all products comes with a few problems as always. You can’t find a rear camera and micro SD card slot in this tablet. In addition, it comes with a low storage capacity.


The performance is excellent and it’s the first 7 inch quad-core tablet. It is better than all the previous versions and in fact, better than most if not all the other tablets available in the market.



Sony Experia Tablet Z

Sony reigns at the top of the list of the best tablets one could buy, but Nexus 7 seems to have take over for now. However, Sony is known for its expertise in this business and the Sony Experia Tablet Z is the fusion of Sony Experia and Tablet Z, a tablet that is totally worth its price. It is currently the slimmest tablet found in the market.

Pros: This tablet looks stunning and elegant. The screen looks fantastic accompanied with an equally beautiful keyboard. The applications are small and this tablet is waterproof. Fast performance with an attractive price is an added bonus.

Cons: The battery is unimpressive and the design is not great. The camera is pretty okay for its standards but charging this tablet takes a long time.

Verdict:  Definitely recommended , its worth the price.



LG G Pad 8.3

It has been quite a while since LG topped one among the best tablets found in the market and this tablet has broken that bad streak. LG is a tough competition to beat as this tablet boasts of great features with an affordable price.

Pros: Lovely designed topped off with an excellent HD display. Instead of commonly used plastic, the shell is Aluminum and the tablet looks very sturdy. The storage expansion is an added bonus, as many people look for that feature.

Cons: The battery life is bad and the camera is of an average quality. There is no 3G or a 4G option.

Verdict:  This tablet is  worth the price and LG seems to have stepped up its game by releasing this tablet. It is recommended if you love sturdy, good tablets at an affordable price.You can probably find better!!


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