From reviews of most recently released gadgets to trending topics, techies deem it crucial to remain abreast of the latest in the world of technology. If you are a technology buff too, read on to know which tech websites are worth a visit.  

Most internet users select a few good websites that they can trust and follow to get news, reviews and the latest updates on their favorite tech brands. The reason is simple; internet is too vast and features so many websites that it is humanly impossible to keep track of all of them. Secondly, you can’t possibly trust every news item that you find online. Imagine looking like a complete fool should you end up announcing a wrong update or piece of information. So find listed below nine websites that you can follow on a daily basis to get the best news and reviews from the tech world.


If there is a website out there that can be named the bible of tech news, it is none other than It is a website that has been offering readers with the most updated information and news about latest technology and gadgets. For years it has solidified itself as the leading media outlet in the technology world. This website includes reviews of different websites and products along with internet portals that can be referred to for an in-depth analysis. You should also follow them on Twitter as they make public breaking news.


If a website can be ranked second to, it has to be This website features not only the latest but also futuristic trends in technology. It also discusses the technology angle of latest news from around the world. has it all, from reviews to tech hacks that you can easily use. This website is also responsible for, another website that webmasters love, as it offers various tips and advice for developing and creating websites.



The is a blog that offers you content revolving around technology. It covers all kinds of topics related to the tech world. From businesses and cultures to trends, it delivers every kind of news that you could possibly expect. also provides its readers with latest news about the next generation of gadgets that will soon up for grabs in the market. If you are still not impressed, maybe the fact that this website gets 10 million views every month will change your mind.

(not really top but very noteworthy) is another website among the lot that you should consider following. It has placed its focus on providing readers with reviews of gadgets that include TV, laptops, tablets and mobiles. It also adds podcasts that brings technology experts to discuss and comment on tech news.

You can also compare gadgets along with websites to know which one is better. Secondly, you can kill time here by playing different arcade games and take part in contests hosted by the website.


A website most valuable for those who love gadgets, incorporates latest news about gadgets along with different reviews as well. This website is the foremost place to be on the internet if you want to learn more about different devices. It ensures that its readers get the latest news about IOS, android and windows. So those obsessed with their gadgets should definitely visit to get more on the latest.

Mashable_logo should be a definite check on your list. What we love most about this website is the fact that it creates content around technology in the most interesting way. It has prominent presence on social media that allows to offer its reader with the latest news in technology. Since its beginning this website has come a long way and now offers updates that are not only tech related but also associated with various other aspects of life. It is highly recommended and must be visited as it has plenty to offer.


Among the best tech websites being visited every day, stands apart as it discusses how technology is impacting our life. Apart from excellent reviews and product descriptions, the website also gives you an insight on how technology is helping us in our everyday lives. This website must be followed since like and, it offers you the chance to get breaking news as well.

technorati_logo is a website that offers its readers with the chance to know more about the most trending online conversations as it collects and distributes them. Readers can get the latest news about technology like Cloud, M2M and similar other topics. It also offers updates about latest android and IOS news. Gadgets and their reviews are also part of

This websites offers knowledge and insights about new technology. It enlists the trending topics of technology that include new releases and products that have been recently introduced in the market. Since also rates different tech products like laptops, tablets and mobiles, you can refer to it when make buying decisions.


If you are interested in learning more about technology, want to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in techno world and are short on time, the above given list is the next best thing for you. You will not only be able to learn about different things from these websites but also get the latest news. Remember this list includes only the best sites that deliver tech news and updates.

You can also follow these websites on Facebook and Twitter pages as they offer excellent updates and content on social media. By following them on Social media, you will also be able to get breaking news and content as soon as it is published on the website. Lastly, select one or more of your favorite websites to follow on a daily basis, while skim through the rest to find interesting content to read.

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