Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has reached the end of its journey, while its Edge browser is still a newbie. Recognizing the need of changing times, Microsoft has finally launched an Office Online extension for Google Chrome, which is world’s fastest growing and most widely used internet browser.

The Microsoft Office online extension adds an icon to Chrome, which contains the history of recently edited documents in OneDrive. Additionally, users can now easily create new Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents or open office files located in the computer.

This hasn’t been an easy decision for Microsoft, who tried its best to catch up with Google Chrome’s success, but Chrome won. Now if the tech giant was to expand its circle of Online office users, it had no choice but to supply an extension to the Chrome Browser in order to get share of the online audience.

Chrome Store is now home to millions of apps, extensions and games, which are widely used by Chromers. The most used categories of extensions include proxies, adblockers, office editing tools, reading aiders, downloaders and much more. While acclaimed editing tools like EverNote and GoogleDrive were already taking the benefit, Microsoft Office Online is just a new entry.

Chrome’s revolution is not going to stop here. According to a research conducted last summer by Gartner firm, the enterprise usage of Chrome would exceed than that of IE. The firm also predicted that in 2016, Chrome will become the largest enterprise solution for most business and could claim two-thirds of enterprises.

It is interesting to note that the same Office Online extension for Chrome is actually not available for Microsoft’s Edge browser, which comes packed with Windows 10. But why would Microsoft do that? The answer, as Windows 10 users already know, is that Edge currently does not support extensions, which gives Microsoft one more reason to turn to Chrome browser.


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