Top 8 Fitness Trackers for Kids

Fitness trackers for kids are different from those designated for adults in a sense that they have to be more colorful and cartoonish. See, the grownups don’t break stuff for no reason (sometimes they do) but kids are just natural disaster creators.

Parents are ever concerned about the health of their children and with the recent advances in body monitoring wearables; they want a constant watch on what’s going on under the surface. So before we get down to the list, here are few things you should know.

How to Buy the Best Fitness Trackers for Your Kid

It is not rocket science, but children have specific taste needs when it comes to wearable tech. Check out the bullets.

  • Small and soft hands deserve softer wearables
  • Check out the grip wearable fitness tracker and that it fits well.
  • There should be no compromise on its color and design. Think of Dora for girls and Ben 10 for boys.
  • It must have basic features like monitoring aerobic activity and GPS.

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The List: Top 8 Fitness Trackers for Kids

Here is the list along with age recommendations and their prices on the subtitles are linked to Amazon if you want to find the specifications in detail.

  1. Garmin Vívofit Jr. |Ages: 4+

Garmin Vívofit Jr

Vivofit Jr by Garmin is a kids-friendly version of the Vivofit 3, which is a fitness tracker for grownups. The wearable fitness tracker for kids is able to monitor their steps, sleep, and based on this information it can calculate their activeness.  A target-based 60-minute activity bar will tell the parents how much their child needs to move to meet daily exercise quota.

[amazon box =”B01LR9O850″]


  • Tough, long-lasting, and soft.
  • Water resistant, pool friendly.
  • You can wear it 24/7, no sweat
  • Sunlight readable display
  1. LeapFrog LeapBand | Ages: 4 to 7 

LeapFrog LeapBand fitness tracker

LeapBand by LeapFrog is the ideal fitness tracker for kids. The company specializes in childcare and baby products including kids’ tablets as well so they know much better about their needs. The wearable device isn’t really an activity tracker but a challenge-based health calculator. Various tasks like walking, running, jumping and dancing earns your kiddo a virtual pet and gift items for it.

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  • Baby-friendly looks, color screen
  • Reward system based on targets for high engagement level
  • Virtual pets: cat, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, penguin, robot and unicorn
  • 4 colors: Green, Blue, Orange and Pink
  1. KidFit | Ages: 5 to 13

KidFit Fitness Tracker

KidFit by X-Doria is famous for a series of kids’ wearables and its affordable fitness trackers sit on the top amongst them. This gadget is a bit different in that instead of counting calculating steps and calories and showing it to the parents to estimate, it provides a 100 points target. This makes is more user-friendly and easier to increase or decrease goals.

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  • Soft silicon wristbands (swappable)
  • 4 color varieties
  • Up to 7-day battery life
  • Splash resistant

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  1. iBitz Kids Activity Tracker | Ages: 4+

iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

Unlike other fitness trackers for kids, iBitz is just a pedometer, which is actually the core function of any health gadget. As you must have noticed, a clip replaces the wristband and can be used to attach to clothes or props like shoes. How it works? A galaxy game lets them explore the universe and more they walk/move, the more they explore.

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  • Clip-on wearable, no wristbands
  • Comes with reward-based iOS app-game
  • Customizable targets, stores up to a month’s tracking data
  • Water resistant, 7 available colors
  1. Adidas Zone | Ages: 5+ 

Adidas Zone fitness tracker

Zone fitness tracker for kids is the result of partnership between Adidas Interactive Health Technologies (IHT). The kids’ fitness tracker is designed for children to use in physical education classes. Adidas Zone bears a unique feature: tracking the heart beats instead of using a pedometer that just measures the distance traveled, which makes it more efficient and accurate. The device also sends data to a centralized cloud to track improvements and compare them with other groups.


  • Durable, decent looking
  • Real-time feedback
  • Heart rate tracking
  • An IHT Product
  1. Omate Wherecom K3 | Ages: 6 to 10

Omate Wherecom K3 fitness tracker

Wherecom K3 by Omate is advertised as a ‘next-generation’ smartwatch for kids. Which makes sense because it is powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop and qualifies is as a smartwatch. The benefits also roll out with it like GPS, pedometer and safety features. Safety feature as in child watch.


  • Basically an Android smartwatch (3G SIM card slot, games, calculator, stopwatch etc)
  • 54-inch color capacitive touchscreen
  • Removable wristbands
  • polycarbonate body
  1. UNICEF Kids Power Band 

UNICEF Kids Power Band

Kids Power Band by UNICEF often clicks parents due to the reputation of the organization. With UNICEF, there’s always a catch and a good one. The target here is not just a game but a motivation. Every step that your child takes delivers a food packet closer to a child in need somewhere in the world. With more missions, your kid can get to see and learn about the culture he/she is helping build. The only setback is battery life (25 hrs).

[amazon box=”B01AXO6MFY”]


  • Motivation-based instead of gaming challenges
  • Real contribution to the world
  • Elegant style
  • Multiple colors

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  1. Nabi Compete | Ages: 6+

Nabi Compete fitness tracker

Compete by Nabi is essentially a child’s classic with all the necessary features. The health progress is directly sent to the smartphone app from where parents can see the reports. This is a more collaborate fitness tracker for kids and offers real-life challenges and also educates them about calorie burning concepts with visuals and reward them with “Go Points.” The more they are active the more they are good to Go-Go!.

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  • Huge 3-month battery life
  • Interactive reward based challenges
  • Comes with two switchable wristbands
  • Jolly design and color schemes


Healthy kids mean a healthy future and all the promises related to them. These top 8 fitness trackers for kids will ensure your family’s future because your children are investments of love and believe. Stay tuned!


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